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INON LE700-W Type 2

Price: Rp2,880,000
Availability: In Stock
Model: 4562121437128
Manufacturer: INON

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INON LE700-W Type 2
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Powerful 700 lumen beam with practical burn time LED light

The difference between LE-700 and LE-700 Type 2

  • The color tempture is shifted from 6000K to 5000K
  • Only Red filter available (no pick/orange filter)
  • Filter inside:
    • LE700-W Type 2: Red Filter LE
    • LE700-S Type 2: Red Filter LE, W50° filter LE


LED Components High-intensity Power LED (Cree XM-L "T6") Depth Rating 120m / 394ft (*9)
Luminouus Flux(*2)(*3) 700 lumen Size Max. diameter 33.7mm/1.3in. x 198mm/7.8in.
Coverage 75° [without a filter, with Filter LE including red/pink/orange] Weight (*10) [air] 217.0g/7.7oz,
[underwater]approx. 131g/4.6oz
Color Temperature(*3) approx. 5,000K Working/Storage Temperature ±0 - +30°C
Usable Environment Underwater LED Life Time approx. 10,000 hours
Operable Duration
approx. 60 minutes ["eneloop" battery] Material/Finishing Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy/rigid almite,
PBT, Optical grass etc.
approx. 75 minutes [NiMH battery]
approx. 80 minutes [Alkaline battery] Standard Accessory Red Filter LE, Hand Strap, INON Grease
approx. 125 minutes [Lithium battery (1.5V)]
Compatible Battery AA "eneloop" battery x 3 (*7)
AA NiMH [good quality] x 3 (*8)
AA Alkaline battery x 3
AA Lithium battery (1.5V) x 3


INON LE700-W Type 2
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